4th of July Olive Oil – Celebrating Independence with Healthy Foods

Thomas Jefferson - American Founding Father and Lover of Olive OilAs we approach the 4th of July, the U.S. Day of Independence, it’s interesting to note that Thomas Jefferson, a founding father of the United States and principal author of the Declaration of Independence, had a great love for olive trees. During a three-month journey throughout the Mediterranean region in the 1780s, he proclaimed the olive tree to to be the “most interesting plant in existence” that was “surely the richest gift of heaven.” He went on to say that the olive tree “contributes the most to the happiness of mankind.”

(We agree – olive oil makes us happy, too! Read more about our Texas olive oil.)

His love for the olive tree was so great that he was able to get the agricultural society of Southern Carolina to commission him to purchase olive tree seedlings. But after many years of cultivating olive trees in the United States, his farming project unfortunately failed, which he blamed on the lack of of commitment and enthusiasm by South Carolinians.  However, this wouldn’t stop him from having his beloved olive oil! Every year, until his death, he imported four to five gallons of the French “virgin oil of Aix.”

If Jefferson were alive now, he would be pleased to know that olive tree agricultural production has greatly grown throughout recent years in Texas and California, which have similar climates to to the Mediterranean. And he certainly wouldn’t have to import olive oil from France, as we have many brands of domestic olive oils to choose from, such as our very own Salud de Paloma cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, bottled right here in the hill country of Central Texas! When you buy local, you’re ensuring that you know where your food product comes from and that it’s as fresh as possible.

So this Fourth of July weekend, be sure to celebrate our American Independence with some healthy recipes using Salud de Paloma extra virgin olive oil!

Here are some recipe ideas by Sweet Life using 4th of July olive oil:

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