Behind the Scenes: Austin Community Gardening

In addition to sharing news about our extra virgin olive oil, we’d like to share some stories about what’s going on behind the scenes with the people of Salud de Paloma. We have a great management team as well as various support staff who make it all happen, whether it’s manning our booths at the farmers markets and community events, tending to administrative and production details…or digging in the dirt!

Austin Community Gardening

Olive Trees in Neighborhood Garden - Austin Community Gardening

Rosa Rios Valdez donated four olive trees to her neighborhood community garden in Southwest Austin

Rosa Rios Valdez, Co-Founder/President of Salud de Paloma, and executive director of the parent nonprofit, BCL of Texas, has been very active in starting up a community garden in her neighborhood. Long time Scenic Brook homeowners in Southwest Austin, Rosa and her husband Ruben donated four olive trees to the community garden.

“We are putting permanent roots in our neighborhood,” said Rosa. “Our daughters took swim lessons at the Scenic Brook Neighborhood pool many years ago. And I have loved living in Scenic Brook. It is our pleasure to give back to our neighbors.”

For weeks, neighborhood volunteers have been going to the community park to trim the trees and bushes, turn the mulch, form the garden plots and plant herbs and vegetables. Rosa, along with many fellow residents, are working hard on getting the herb and vegetable garden going as a way to get back to nature, health, and fitness. Rosa sees her role as president of Salud de Paloma as being a whole-life commitment to healthy eating and a sustainable way of life, and she is eager to share this with others in the community!

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