Behind the Scenes: Despierta Austin at Univision Television

In addition to sharing news about our extra virgin olive oil, we’d like to share some stories about what’s going on behind the scenes with the people of Salud de Paloma. We have a great management team as well as various support staff who make it all happen, whether it’s manning our booths at the farmers markets and community events, tending to administrative and production details…appearing on television!

Univision Television in Austin, Texas has a long-standing tradition of supporting the Latino community, especially the many nonprofit projects and organizations in this town that work to improve the quality of lives for many Hispanics. Leslie Montoya, host of Despierta Austin, has been with the station for over five years and is not only talented and professional, but also friendly, making everyone feel right at home on the cozy set of the morning show!

Univision Television’s Despierta Austin

Set of Despierta Austin at Univision Television

Manuel Morales and Leslie Montoya on Despierta Austin

by Manuel Morales, Project Specialist, BCL of Texas (parent nonprofit of Salud de Paloma)

“Being on Despierta Austin was a great experience not only for me, but also for Salud de Paloma. Salud has been working really hard to develop a culture of healthy eating among families, and this interview was a great instrument to spread this message. I thought it would be important to stress why olive oil is a much healthier option than other cooking oils, and how Salud de Paloma offers something different from all the other olive oil brands out there.

I was really nervous before the interview; it was the first time I would be on TV. But once I arrived to the studio and met Leslie, I started to feel a lot more comfortable. The interview happened really quickly. No second takes, no practice, everything happened just like a normal conversation. It turned out to be fun! I am super thankful to Univision and Leslie for the great opportunity that we had to share Salud’s mission and values with all the “Hispanos” who were watching us from home.”

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