Chef Approved Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We are pleased that three chefs in Central Texas are now using our extra virgin olive oil in their restaurant kitchens! Our olive oil is available by the gallon for any chef interested in purchasing for regular use. In addition to our EVOO being used at the featured restaurants below, it has been tested with great success by chefs at various events, including Chef David Yokuty of the Boardwalk Bistro at the Main Plaza Farmers Market of San Antonio, BBQ pitmaster “Keeper of the Flame” Chef Paul Petersen at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts’s ATX BBQ Quest Garden, and Chef Rick Lopez of La Condesa in Austin at the Sustainable Food Center’s Chef Series: Spring Bounty.

Be sure to visit one these fabulous restaurants soon!

Green Pastures

Back Camera811 W Live Oak St
Austin, Texas 78704

Green Pastures began its 64-year tradition of elegant dining rather quietly. But friends told friends, and the word spread. Austin’s neighborhood retreat quickly became known citywide as the place to enjoy sumptuous gourmet dishes, fine wine and true Southern hospitality. Some secrets are simply too good to keep. The Austin Chronicle has called it the “Grande Dame of Austin Restaurants,” and the Austin American-Statesman says, “It’s hard to imagine a more romantic place for dinner.”

French-inspired gourmet cuisine, fresh regional specialties, and a decadent selection of their own desserts make dining at Green Pastures a true occasion. Their restaurant also features the 1888 bar and an extensive list of fine wines and champagnes to compliment your meal. Thank you Executive Chef Charles Bloemsma for choosing Salud de Paloma!

Max’s Wine Dive

max-wine-dive-exterior207 San Jacinto Blvd
Austin, Texas 78701

The inspiration for MAX’s Wine Dive came after realizing that owners Jerry and Laura Lasco loved trying out fancy new restaurants, and the places they enjoyed hanging out at most were laid-back dives that were unpretentious and comfortable. Shortly thereafter, the MAX’s mantra was created: “Fried Chicken and Champagne?… Why the Hell Not?!”

At MAX’s, they’re all about bringing “gourmet comfort food” to their guests alongside a constantly curated selection of wines from around the world, some of which cannot be found anywhere else, all served with a down-to-earth, rock-n-roll style.

Artfully clad in reclaimed exposed brick and concrete floors, and furnished with worn leather banquettes, dark wood barstools and a sleek steel bar top, MAX’s Austin refurbished the 5,300-square-foot warehouse in the heart of the Convention Center District and made it its own back in 2009. Thank you to Executive Chef Erica Beneke for choosing Salud de Paloma – and congratulations for taking home the victory on the Food Network’s Chopped!

San Antonio Country Club

san-antonio-country-club4100 N. New Braunfels Ave.
San Antonio, Texas 78209

One of the first country clubs organized in Texas, SACC played a major role in the development of golf and tennis in the early twentieth century, both locally and at the state level. Golfing legends and tennis greats have played on the Club’s facilities, and because of the Club’s unique relationship with the armed forces, many military heroes have been members.

The San Antonio Country Club has weathered fire, wars, the Depression, and recessions, and is stronger than ever. Kinships and friendships among the more than 1800 members have created a warm community that has prospered over the last 100 plus years, and is looking forward to prospering in the next 100 years and beyond. Thank you to Executive Chef Nelson Millán for choosing Salud de Paloma!

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