First Sales at Farmers Markets and Local Shops

Salud de Paloma at HOPE Farmers Market grand opening in Austin, Texas - customers say: I love Texas olive oil

First Day at HOPE Farmers Market – Austin, Texas

Our first day of sales for Salud de Paloma Extra Virgin Olive Oil was at the Sunday HOPE Farmers Market in East Austin on March 10, 2013. We were honored to be there for the grand opening of their new location at Plaza Saltillo! In addition to an expanded list of vendors (including us!), there was music by the Whiskey Shivers and festivities. Kate Thornberry, food writer at The Austin Chronicle, called the new space “wonderful,” and she added, “The vendors are under permanent roofing, keeping them and their produce cool and dry. The Plaza is beautiful, with lots of convenient places to sit and eat, it looks and feels like a gracious Spanish Plaza.” 

We also attended our first farmers in San Antonio – the Main Plaza Farmers Market, which is organized by the San Antonio Food Bank. We had a great day of sales there as well, and many people stopped by to taste and buy our olive oil.


Blessing at the San Fernando Cathedral

We also had the opportunity to stop by Melissa Guerra’s Latin Kitchen Market at The Pearl Brewery – they will be carrying our product as well. That weekend, Salud De Paloma was blessed at the historic San Antonio San Fernando Cathedral. As you may know, we named our extra olive oil to honor our founder/president Rosa Rios Valdez’ mother who was baptized at that very same cathedral.

On Saturday, March 16, we were at another opening, although this one was a “soft” opening (looking forward to the grand!). We were at Uncommon Fare in San Antonio – they are the first micro grocer (in the world) to carry Salud de Paloma Extra Virgin Olive Oil! This locally owned shop sells groceries, prepared foods, local produce, lunch, coffee, breakfast, and more.

LATISM Co-Director and Blogger Melanie Mendez-Gonzales - I Love Texas Olive Oil

LATISM Co-Director and Blogger Melanie Mendez-Gonzales

The event at Uncommon Fare include a tasting –- using our olive oil, of course! – by Arugula Catering Co. They describe themselves as: “Refreshingly flavorful. Complex or simple. Herbs & spices. Traditional or exotic. Vegan, vegetarian, free range, cage free or natural. Wild and deeply cultural!” And we couldn’t agree more. Many people joined us for this event, including Melanie Mendez-Gonzales, well known Latina blogger and co-director of the San Antonio chapter of Latinos in Social Media. After tasting the freshness, she remarked, “I love Texas olive oil!” And we love our local farmers and shop owners.

We have several more events coming up! Be sure to check them out:

Texas VegFest – Saturday, April 6, Austin, TX

Volente Olive Fest – Saturday, April 20, Volente Beach, TX

If you are interested in having us participate in your event, or you’d like to carry our extra virgin olive oil, please contact us through our website

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