Healthy 4th of July Recipes with Olive Oil

Healthy 4th of July Recipes Using Salud de Paloma Extra Virgin Olive OilThomas Jefferson, a founding father of the United States and principal author of the Declaration of Independence, had a great love for olive trees. During a three-month journey throughout the Mediterranean region in the 1780s, he proclaimed the olive tree to to be the “most interesting plant in existence” that was “surely the richest gift of heaven.” He went on to say that the olive tree “contributes the most to the happiness of mankind.”

If you’re cooking at home this 4th of July, we’ve found some fantastically unique and healthy recipes to celebrate our day of independence. If you’re going out to a party or a barbecue, here are some tips from Time Magazine on how to enjoy the holiday food without paying for it later:

  • Practice portion control: There are a variety of strategies for cutting back at the grill. For example, eat 1/4-lb. burgers (made with extra-lean ground sirloin) instead of 1/3- or 1/2-lb. patties, or split a steak with your friend.
  • Load up on grilled veggies: Fill half your plate with veggies so as to avoid overdoing it on the higher-calorie options. The fiber will help to fill you and if you want seconds, be sure to fill your plate the same way.
  • Don’t skip meals to try to “save” calories for later: this will lead to overeating and lead you to make poor choices due to hunger and low blood sugar.

Cooking at Home? Healthy Recipes:

frijoles-negros-lolas-cocinaBlack Bean Soup

Move over pinto beans, there’s a new legume in town! Black beans offer a unique protein-fiber combination that cannot be found in meat or any other food group. Commonly prepared in southern Mexico and the Caribbean, it is about time we shine the spotlight on this nutritious legume.
— Lola’s Cocina (click here for the recipe)

summer-salad-avocado-dressing-sweet-life-bakeSummer Salad with Avocado Kiwi Dressing

Summer is the best time to create salads, produce is at its peak and nothing beats juicy, ripe fruit. This summer salad boasts all my favorite colors of the summer and excites my taste buds with flavor, texture and crunch.
— Sweet Life (click here for the recipe)

grilled-lamb-watermelon-go-texanGrilled Lamb atop Greek Orzo Salad with Texas Watermelon

This delectable recipe calls for some lovely seasonal Texas ingredients: white wine, watermelon, rosemary, olive oil, red onion, mint leaves, honey, and extra virgin olive oil. You can find all these at your local farmers market! Many local markets also have locally raised, grass-fed lamb.
— Go Texan (click here for the recipe)

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