National Farmers Market Week 2014: August 3-9

National Farmers Market Week 2014 Salud de Paloma

As a nation of immigrants, we have many rich and complex influences woven into the history of our country. Foods we eat, holidays we celebrate, how we create goods or perform services—these are all things that are shaped by the cultural identities of our families and the communities around us. For many communities, farmers markets are playing a pivotal role in maintaining and enabling these cultural ties.

Click here to read more on the USDA’s website.

Salud de Paloma was founded by an immigrant. Our founder, Rosa Rios Valdez, was born in the city of Guanajuato, Mexico, ands she was raised in Central Texas. Our extra virgin olive oil is a tribute to Rosa’s mother who loved her family and good food. So it’s only natural that the first place we sold our Texas-produced extra virgin olive oil was at the HOPE Farmers Market in East Austin, dedicated to engaging the community in activating culturally significant spaces in East Austin while supporting a regional food system, celebrating local culture and increasing awareness of and access to healthy food.

Since the time we’ve sold our first bottle of extra virgin olive oil in March of 2013, we’ve expanded across the state of Texas. We’re now at farmers markets in El Paso, San Antonio, Laredo, Austin, Buda, and Kyle. We’ve also expanded the products we carry! We started out with our traditional, original flavor, but now we make several infused varieties including chili pepper, garlic, and meyer lemon. Click here for the full list of places you can buy our product. (If there isn’t a farmers market or retail location near you, you can also buy our EVOO online.)

What Are You Doing for National Farmers Market Week 2014?

If you’ve never been to a farmers market—or if you haven’t been in a while—National Farmers Market Week August 3-9, is a perfect time to make the trip. It’s a time to celebrate the 8,100+ farmers markets across the United States, the farmers who make them possible and the communities that host them. Be sure to use the National Farmers Market Directory to find a market in your area!

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