Salud de Paloma Garlic Infused, Traditional, and Chili Pepper Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Garlic Infused (blue), Traditional (green), and Chili Pepper Infused (red) Salud de Paloma Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Salud de Paloma Traditional, Meyer Lemon*Garlic Infused*, and Chili Pepper Infused* flavors are now available. We hope you have a chance to try our Texas extra virgin olive oil!

*Currently only available at HOPE Farmers Market (Austin) and Main Plaza Farmers Market (San Antonio). Coming to other locations soon!

You can purchase our extra virgin olive oil online or at the following local grocery stores and farmers markets:

AUSTIN, TEXAS (and surrounding area):
The Bread Basket
Buda Farmers Market
Kyle Farmers Market
H-E-B (in Austin, Round Rock, San Antonio, Houston, and Rio Grande Valley…call your store to make sure they’re stocked!)
HOPE Farmers Market
Rivercity Market
Quickie Pickie
Rosewood Community Market
Wheatsville Food Co-Op

El Paso Downtown Artist and Farmers Market

El Centro de Laredo Farmers Market

The Market at McAllen

Main Plaza Farmers Market
Melissa Guerra Latin Kitchen Market
Uncommon Fare

You can also find us when you dine out! Read more about Austin and San Antonio restaurants using Salud de Paloma: Chef Approved Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The inspirations behind our Texas extra virgin olive oil…


Salud de Paloma Traditional

My mother, Elena Ríos, sang like a dove…like a paloma. She inspired me to explore new horizons and to work in creating stronger families and

Our olive oils are named “Paloma” to celebrate my mother and her journey with diabetes. She loved her family, and she loved great food – she passed down these two traditions to me, which I now share with you and your family.

–Rosa Ríos Valdez, Co-Founder and President

Salud de Paloma Traditional is our basic extra virgin olive oil, cold-pressed from a varietal blend of Texas and California olives.


Salud de Paloma Garlic Infused and Chili Pepper Infused

GRSP_river-vignette2I am one of six siblings. We are “Seis Ríos” who grew up on a dairy farm, swimming in the refreshing Guadalupe River during the long, hot Texas summers. We also enjoyed Texas football, fiestas, travel, and the outdoors.

Whether we were on the road, or at home, cooking was a big part of our family tradition. Now we all make it a point to use olive oil when we’re making meals for our families.

–Rosa Ríos Valdez, Co-Founder and President

Our chili pepper infused and garlic infused extra virgin olive oils (inspired by the vibrant personalities in Rosa Ríos Valdez’ family growing up) are cold-pressed from a varietal blend of Texas and California olives.